MSU goes cold late, misses opportunity at Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS — This one, a 76-63 loss at Minnesota, could come back to haunt Michigan State’s basketball team and it’ll mostly hurt because the Spartans had a legitimate chance at a strong early Big Ten road win.

MSU’s offense went cold late, outscored 20-4 after a Keith Appling bucket with 9:22 left.

You can’t win if you don’t keep scoring. It sounds simple, but MSU blew a number of opportunities to extend its lead, especially during that seemingly hour-long stretch when the Spartans led 55-52.

Appling led MSU with 15, Gary Harris had 12, Derrick Nix 10 and Travis Trice 9, though Trice didn’t score in the second half.

MSU needs to win its next four, including Iowa on the road, to get to 4-1 and stay in this race early.

More coverage later at Greenandwhite.com and LSJ.com.

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9 Responses to MSU goes cold late, misses opportunity at Minnesota

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    The free show shooting seemed puzzling to me, last night at the shootaround Coach told the Freshman to take a hike and run to the top of the building . They watched as the rest of the team shot free throws/ From your vantage point did it seem to you that Dawson lost intensity after the eight minute mark.

    Glad that you got to meet # 84 today.

  2. avatar AtlSpartan says:

    Sure hope we don’t dig a hole where we all start stressing on the season. I agree we need to rattle off 3 or 4 wins to set the tone for the season.

  3. avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

    what an uninspiring bunch of sentences by Cracker. We lost today for 2 reasons: 20% FF shooting and minus FOURTEEN on the boards. If Cheese-it knew anything about basketball that’s what he types, but no, he types some hackneyed gibberish. Sat @1200 in EL against PU. Somebody needs to be a primary rebounder like DayDay was and go get the basketball. Nix doesn’t have the mobility, Payne does, Dawson does, end of call out. And yea I’ve been in the arena. Today was embarrassing.

    • avatar TBanger says:

      I wish Iz would give the ball to Payne more from 10-15 feet and let him face up and attack the rim, be aggressive! He’s not a back to the basket post player like Nix.

  4. avatar MLM89 says:

    Going to see the Hobbitt this afternoon instead of watching this meltdown could have been my best decision of 2012.

  5. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    During the stretch before MSU went up 5 Minnesota seemed more passive and lacking in energy. Appeared to be running out of gas. Could Tubbie have been sandbagging, letting his team gather energy for a final push? At that point the defensive energy by the Gophers stepped up a notch and from there to the end the Spartans looked like the team running out of gas. A step slow on offense and defense. Couldn’t find handles to loose balls, shots flatter and shorter, off target. One of John Wooden’s tactics was to control game tempo by constantly changing it. He looked like he was asleep on the bench, but I am told he signaled his point guard as to desired tempo by the way he held the game program he kept in his hands throughout the game.

  6. avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

    This is just too obvious to pass up, but hey Cracker, anytime a team leads durning the 2nd half of an away game in the B1G and doesn’t close the deal, it’s a serious missed opportunity against the field. Now if you don’t learn anything else this year about the B1G, learn that so you don’t keep sounding quite so stupid. Heard you are waiting for us to warm to you and your great style, another hint: don’t hold your breath. People are leaving in droves from LSJ, that doesn’t sound like you’ll get that opportunity.

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