MSU at Ohio State pregame dish: For Spartans, Big Ten race continues or ends altogether today

COLUMBUS, Ohio — For most of two months, Michigan State has chased the Big Ten title, the outcome within the Spartans’ control.

It’s a rough moment for a team when the dynamic changes. MSU no longer entirely controls its place in this league.

However, the Spartans very much have a chance at winning at least a share of the league’s regular season and most important championship. That’s if they win today at Ohio State.

That keeps MSU one game behind Indiana, which still has a two road games remaining, including a date at Michigan on March 10.

But if the Spartans fall today, the rest of the regular season becomes about seeding and, next Sunday, trying to keep its rival in its place.

Two games, this late in the season, is almost certainly too much to make up. Especially when Indiana is the club the Spartans are pursuing.

A win today would say a lot about MSU’s mental fortitude.

For updates and commentary throughout the game, follow me (@Graham_Couch) and colleague Joe Rexrode (@JoeRexrode) on Twitter.

Game starts at 4 p.m. and is on CBS.

More at halftime.

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