MSU at Ohio State halftime musings: Spartans showing now ill effects from Indiana loss

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Any worries about Michigan State looking lethargic this afternoon at Ohio State, following Tuesday’s gut-kicking defeat from Indiana, have been put to bed by Adreian Payne, Branden Dawson and Garry Harris.

Payne has 10 first-half rebounds, the sort of effort stat that proves a player is dialed in (though Payne always is against the Buckeyes).

Dawson and Harris have eight points each and the passing from the post and on the drive by MSU has been outstanding.

The Spartans really ought to be ahead more than 31-25. They’ve held Ohio State to 35 percent shooting and the Buckeyes seem willing to jack up 3s (they’re 1-for-11).

Regardless of what happens from here on, MSU has shown it’s recovered from Tuesday, at least to the point it’s not impacting energy or will.

More after the game.


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6 Responses to MSU at Ohio State halftime musings: Spartans showing now ill effects from Indiana loss

  1. avatar Griff325 says:

    Izzo was straight up out coached in this one. Not an effective use of time outs! Officials were also awful but not surprised.

  2. avatar Chris says:

    thanks appling (again)

  3. avatar SteveL says:

    What a choke in the second half. TI didn’t adjust much in the second half and the team looked confused and befuddled when the buck nuts ratched it up a few notches. And so it goes.

  4. avatar Mike B says:

    I thought they had the lead at the end, the way they were using up the clock in the end. I wonder if Nix still think’s Appling is as good as Zeller or Burke?

    1 rebound , 1 assist and 3 points.

  5. avatar ron says:

    Izzo got outcoached on this one, Matta took that time out right at the beginning of the second half to get on his guys, our guys look lost for the second game in a row. I know they are trying and do care, but I find myself wondering sometimes. In the middle of a 24-5 run how about a timeout Izzo? Also yes the referees were bad, how about a technical? they have been known to fire a team up and go on a run before.

  6. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    I am only mildly disappointed going into this stretch we needed one win out of three . Now next Sunday is a must win to get that number3 seed in Auburn Hills. We have seven days off. We will take a war to Ann Arbor. Not our night but I am proud of the way we refused to be blown out and cut the lead to two when Harris made it 61-59 that showed me in Ann Arbor this team will set foor to arse.

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