MSU at Minnesota pregame dish: A telling early Big Ten game for the Spartans

MINNEAPOLIS — Never is a Big Ten opener a must-win. Not in hoops, at least.

But today’s game at Minnesota is a big opportunity for Michigan State.

Here’s why: While MSU’s league schedule overall is difficult (the Spartans hit every Big Ten contender twice), the early schedule is favorable, with Purdue, Iowa, Nebraska and Penn State over the next 16 days.

Iowa on the road isn’t a gimme, but MSU should be favored in each of his next four games. If MSU gets this one today, it has a realistic shot at a 5-0 start.

Sure the schedule is middle- and back-weighted, but for this MSU team — one that’s still trying to find itself — feeling and looking like a contender early is important.

And, more tangibly, Minnesota is a place where many good Big Ten teams will lose. To have win early that others won’t get, gives you an edge.

Should be interesting. I’m still not sure this Minnesota team is for real, despite its ranking. But MSU has undoubtedly struggled against worse.

Talk to you at halftime.

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3 Responses to MSU at Minnesota pregame dish: A telling early Big Ten game for the Spartans

  1. avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

    Hey Cheese-it, here’s my response to your plea:

    Did you ever hear what really happened to that NFLer who quite football and went in the Army? That’s what we do to people like you, backstabbing liars. How was the bar for the Vikings game last night, thought you had a dinner date with an ‘ole college friend? Admit it Cracker you didn’t go to the closed practice at the Barn because You weren’t invited! When you stop telling lies and stabbing coaches in the back, you might get out of the tiny world you have forged for yourself in Lansing. When you stop leading off with negatives, it might help, too.

  2. avatar Munnster says:

    Cancelled my subscription to LSJ today b/c of your snarky, unprofessional, anti-MSU rhetoric. Good bye, Couch, and good riddance.

    • avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

      Thank you very much, maybe LSJ/Gannett will get the message that Couch is costing them readership and money. You are not the 1st to do so and you won’t be the last.

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