MSU 31, Virginia 27 – halftime musings: This game turned on one defensive gaffe

NEW YORK — Michigan State had a chance to run away with this.

It led 23-14, with 8 minutes until halftime, Virginia struggling with its confidence in the moment – tight and unable to hit shots.

Then, in transition, Kenny Kaminski and Adreian Payne botched a switch on Cavaliers guard Joe Harris, who promptly buried an open 3. Virginia woke up in that moment, as did its crowd, and MSU was no longer in control.

The Spartans lead this game 31-27 because, as they showed against Harvard, they aren’t scared to take a punch. Gary Harris’ old-fashioned 3-point play, on a muscled bucket, stopped the bleeding.

Dawson’s aggression offensively led to another late score, before a terrific final defensive possession.

This could have been easier, with a couple more stops and scores midway through the half. MSU has shown, however, it can win a grinder. It’s in one.

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11 Responses to MSU 31, Virginia 27 – halftime musings: This game turned on one defensive gaffe

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    We need to get it to the weak side where it’s wide open,

    Grinder MSU 67 Virginia 63

  2. avatar SteveL says:

    Getting beat at our own game – defense

  3. avatar SteveL says:

    Found a way . Gutty performance. That’s what it takes. Moving on.

  4. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Survive and advance

  5. avatar slouchy bud responds to Hoke says:

    admitt it Hoke you were rooting for my Wolverines tonight you want to come out of the closet and cheer us on

    • avatar MSU Owns Hoke says:

      no i was actually laughing at the weasels sneaking by another crappy team, if kentucky doesn’t knock the weasels out, either arizona or wisconsin will, i know you don’t want to face MSU in the title game and get embarrassed again.

  6. avatar AAsparty says:

    Trice, once again, came to play tonight, I wish we could get that out of Harris…

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