MSU 13, WMU 7, halftime thoughts: The same players look much the same

EAST LANSING — I guess Andrew Maxwell and Bennie Fowler shouldn’t be expected to be completely different players than a year ago, or MSU’s offensive philosophy to completely change with the same head coach.

Because they definitely aren’t and the offensive attack certainly didn’t.

Mother Nature disrupted this one with an hour lightning delay, which appeared to help WMU. But that’s irrelevant.

The receiver drops, the third-down throws short of the sticks — both are back.

MSU needed two penalties to score its only offensive touchdown, against Mid-American Conference team riddled with defensive injuries and learning a new defensive system.

That’s not a good half.

Andrew Maxwell’s numbers: 11-for-16 passing for 74 yards. Connor Cook’s: 2-6 for 16 yards.

We’ll see if Cook gets another shot. The Maxwell-led TD drive wasn’t as impressive as the final result.

This is still going to be a blowout, but mostly because it doesn’t look like WMU QB Tyler Van Tubbergen is coming back. His backup, Zach Terrell, despite the TD toss on his first attempt, is a significant step down and wasn’t even going to be the backup until the backup transferred to Northern Illinois in the offseason.

Plenty of drama left. Or at least more drudgery from MSU’s offense.

More after the game.

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15 Responses to MSU 13, WMU 7, halftime thoughts: The same players look much the same

  1. avatar eric says:

    Hey Couch,
    Sounds like you have money on W Mich, you should be alittle more disreet. LOL!

  2. avatar eric says:

    If you make money doing this blog, i’m in the wrong business you slug! LOL!

  3. avatar eric says:


  4. avatar Steve says:

    MSU is lucky van tubbergen didn’t stay in this game. Westerns backup Terrell is too raw to make adjustments though I give him props for a great pass to the tight end mussman for the broncos first score. Row the boat!

  5. avatar jason says:

    this team as is won`t win one big ten game with this offense unless terry plays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. avatar Cmoney says:

    Offense is horrible. Long season.

  7. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    Couch, what does tMSU’s WR’s coach have to say about drops other than coach-speak … “need to make plays” bs?

  8. avatar TruGhostofBo says:

    And on a positive note: MSU did win the game. A semi-pleasant victory…..
    But still a victory

    • avatar MayoSpartan says:

      True,we should rejoice in this victory. it’s better than the alternative! Rejoicing is hard to do when the fan base is divided and eight months to address an isolated fundamental is not resolved with a new OC and lots of practice… the next step is to examine the teaching and preparation of the receiving corp.

  9. avatar MSU Blows Beilein says:

    Maybe I was wrong about 4-5 star players! Hoke’s freshman looked like NFL’ers compared to our coached up 2 stars!!

  10. avatar JustaBum says:

    Gotta ask myself why the media is questioning the MSU coaching staffs decision making here, and why the QB controversy question when QB’s success in the passing game depend on being able having receivers catch accurately thrown or within reach balls?

    Coach D and his staff have done really good things at MSU. Staff that excelled and the few that didn’t pull there weight in all facets moved on.

    Catching and running good routes is the biggest problem in this early season, which was the same problem killing the offensive production in 2012. Maxwell wants Fowler to succeed and has said so, but it’s taking Maxwell down too. Fix the WR’s & TE’s and that will make any accurate MSU passer look very good.

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