Michigan State at Miami halftime take: Gary Harris, Travis Trice make a big difference

CORAL CABLES, Fla. — This is the absolute best-case scenario for Michigan State.

Gary Harris and Travis Trice don’t look like they’ve missed a beat coming back from injury.

Both have hit 3-pointers, back-to-back, no less. Harris has five rebounds, unafraid to mix it up inside. And, the most promising sign, his dive on the floor after a loose ball late in the first half. He didn’t seem to hesitate or hold back.

Spartans lead Miami 31-27. They’d be trailing if not for this pair.

Keith Appling got six minutes of rest and you’re starting to see the makings of an ideal rotation — though one that barely includes Russell Byrd.

Byrd played a team-low 2 minutes in the first half, missing his only 3-point attempt.

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2 Responses to Michigan State at Miami halftime take: Gary Harris, Travis Trice make a big difference

  1. avatar Chris says:

    It’s hard to win when the other team shoots 7-12 from downtown!

  2. avatar jomiri469 says:

    Right now, this is not a very good basketball team and I think that Izzo knows this more than anyone. At present we have no pure scorers other than maybe Appling and he’s too much of a ball distributor to make a difference. Making the Big Dance this year is no guarantee by any means as this is looking like a .500 year at best in conference play. I see Izzo playing the youngsters as much as possible to build for next year and beyond as, unless the freshman exceed all expectations this year, we’re going nowhere this year.

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