Miami’s outside shooting buries Spartans in ACC/Big Ten Challenge

CORAL GABLES, Fla. — Teams generally don’t win on the road when the host makes 9 of 16 3-point attempts.

Sometimes it’s bad luck, catching a team on the wrong night. Sometimes it’s poor defense.

This was probably both for Michigan State in a 67-59 loss at Miami.

The Hurricanes (4-1) didn’t miss much from beyond the arc, but MSU (5-2) struggled to get out to shooters after collapsing to defend penetration.

It was a 14-2 run by Miami to start the second half that turned the tied in this one. MSU went from leading by four to trailing by eight. The Spartans got back as close as three on a Gary Harris triple, but Miami scored 10 of the next 14 points.

Harris finished with 12 points in his first game back from a shoulder sprain. Keith Appling led the Spartans with 15.

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5 Responses to Miami’s outside shooting buries Spartans in ACC/Big Ten Challenge

  1. avatar SteveL says:

    Poor night. Didn’t represent Big Ten well tonight. Don’t we ever get a game at the BC in this challenge? Doesn’t seem that way. This team will have to find road smarts if they expect to compete in the conference. Didn’t see it tonight.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      5-2 will turn into 9-2 in the blink of an eye

      We just ran out of gas folks , short rotations and longer shifts, Harris and Trice were not at full force. Take a look at whats in front of us. I guaranty this team will look totally differant in the next four games. By December 16th this team will be 9-2 and back in the top 15.


      vs. Nicholls State

      East Lansing, Mich.

      12:00 p.m. ET


      vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff

      East Lansing, Mich.

      8:00 p.m. ET


      vs. Loyola Chicago

      East Lansing, Mich.

      2:00 p.m. ET


      vs. Tuskegee

      East Lansing, Mich.

      9:00 p.m. ET

      BIG is up 5-4 at the ACC, we win one more and deadlock this thing up at 6-6 this is a successfull challenge.

  2. avatar CSpartan says:

    Someone mentioned the other night how other teams seem to have their “firsts of a year” against MSU and I find myself feeling the same way. Guarantee Miami never has before and never will shoot that % from beyond the arc again this year. I missed this one, and was hoping to catch up online with better news than this, but this team defended extremely poorly on the perimeter against Louisiana-Lafayette the last game I caught so that’s not as surprising. I hope they learn from it this time. I’m sure Miami was also able to take advantage of Harris and Trice being out of condition too as the game wore on (again I didn’t see the game, but it sounds like it was in the 2nd half that the Spartans ran out of gas). I’m not ready to pull the plug on this season yet, and anyone who is crying doom and gloom this early doesn’t know the learning curve we MSU fans have to endure year after year, especially with injuries like we have had to start this year. This team will grow and improve from here on out. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to make a solid run through the B1G and into the tournament. Sounds like I’m drinking the green tea right now, and I guess I am. Too many years rooting for MSU, I guess. If we lose to any of the above four teams that ’81 mentioned, I might just start to worry.

    And to reiterate another poster, it does seem awfully rare that MSU plays a game at home in this series, especially a lower ranked team (see Indiana & UM) even though I know that’s just an excuse. Gotta be able to beat anyone to call yourself the best. Road, home, whatever. MSU got outplayed tonight fair and square. Time to accept it, learn from it and move on…

    GO STATE!!

    • avatar Tom Timmons says:

      …uh, we had FSU at home last year! And won.

      • avatar CSpartan says:

        …uh, I said it “seems” rare. As in it felt like forever there where we played either Duke or NC at their house or at a “neutral” site as part of this challenge. Emphasis on “seems like”. Yes, we won by something like 15 points last year over a HIGHER RANKED (#20) Florida State at home after willingly facing (and losing to) both North Carolina and Duke who were both top 10 teams, to start the year. And uh, I’m pretty sure neither of those games were at the Breslin Center (unless San Diego or Madison Square Gardens in the 48823 zip code). So, I guess we drew a higher ranked team when we played at home in the challenge like I said. And, uh, thanks for trying to call me out on the technicality, though, because that was my point. When we play at home, we never draw a lower ranked team in the challenge, which if you re-read my post, I actually said.

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