Izzo is third-winningest coach in Big Ten history: How far can he climb?

Michigan State’s 84-61 win over Purdue Saturday was win No. 423 for Tom Izzo as coach of the Spartans.

He passed former Illinois coach Lou Henson (422) for the third-most win in Big Ten history, and, in his 18th season, trails only Gene Keady (512 at Purdue) and Bob Knight (662 at Indiana).

Izzo entered this season averaging 24 wins per season over 17 years — really an astonishing accomplishment.

At his current pace, Izzo would have to coach three more seasons (after this one), through 2015-16, to surpass Keady.

That’s a realistic possibility.

Catching Knight is less likely. At this rate, Izzo would pass Knight in 10 more seasons (after this year), in 2022-23, when he’s 68 or 69 years old (his birthday is midseason, Jan. 30).

Not impossible, though Knight’s 902 overall wins are out of reach — unless Izzo coaches until he’s 78.

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2 Responses to Izzo is third-winningest coach in Big Ten history: How far can he climb?

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    To be more specific, Tom Izzo has stated that he will not coach as long as Jud. Jud retired at age 67 so I am pretty sure that Tom will not go beyond 2020 when he turns 65, So Tom has five to seven more year after 2016 he has two to four more years and once it is clear that you will not be there a full four years peak recruiting levels start to erode , I feel his peak recruiting years end between 60 and 62 or right around 2015 or 2016
    Izzo turns 58 in a few weeks and has until 2015 or so to recruit a Carmelo Anthony type to win a second ring. TI wanted all along for the NBA to take top 5 kids out of high school. Under the present rules in 2000 we would have to go through a one and done Kobe Bryant and we would have lost that game. So the rules stink and TI took his shot. It did not work out. But I still think if he lands Tyus Jones here in Minny and or ( Okafer correct the spelling error in Chicago) , they are said to be a package deal we are fine. He has Anderson here in Minny now to help him on that . We may miss a sweet 16 as a result of 2013 recruiting but in the body of work that is collateral damage.

  2. avatar AtlSpartan says:

    Izzo had a good time last year. Actually, as long as he is having fun, I think he’ll hang around. On his present trajectory I like his chances for another national championship.

    This years team is going to get a lot better. It’s all about Dawson, Harris and Valentine. Payne, Nix and Appling are known commodities. They will be ready and perform when the bright lights of the NCAA Tournament come on, but getting to another final four will rest with the three youngsters.

    Izzo get’s to a Final Four every few years and that will keep his interest :)

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