Game day eve: Your analysis and predictions for MSU’s trip to Badger country

A couple months ago, this game figured to be one of the more anticipated events of the season.

Now, MSU has no chance of winning its division and Wisconsin amazingly and ridiculously can’t lose the Leaders side.

Doesn’t mean it won’t be another epic game. At this point, Spartan fans would probably appreciate an offensive explosion similar to either of last year’s meetings, no matter the outcome.

If MSU wins this it’ll say a ton about the character of this group. The Badgers are beyond beatable this year, but the Spartans are coming of an emotional loss, which followed another rough defeat, and Camp Randall Stadium is a tough place to get well.

The fear for the Spartans is at some point the wheels will come off. This defense hasn’t let it happen yet.

Per our Friday custom, I’d appreciate your thoughts and predictions.

GreenGuy won for the second time last season with his prediction of Michigan 24, MSU 20, or as he put it, “Ugly helmets 24, Lost Souls of MSU 20.”

Marky Mark, Lancelot and MD are the other winners thus far.

So, is MSU cooked? Or is there fight left in this team?

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44 Responses to Game day eve: Your analysis and predictions for MSU’s trip to Badger country

  1. avatar Trophy says:

    Our turn to win a close one. MSU 20 – w 17

  2. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    MSU trails 3-0 at halftime. Breadtruck 86 tweets the SID threatening financial sanctions. The defense responds with a heroic effort allowing no first downs the entire second half but racking up a safety. Roushar goes into a shell and becomes even more conservative. The offense crosses midfield once all day but makes it count. Dan Ronroy hits a 51 yard field goal as time expires. Roushar is carried off the field.
    Friday Prediction
    MSU 5
    Wisconsin 3
    Breadtruck 86 attends the football fundraiser in Grand Rapids and writes the
    usual check. (Breadtruck 86 spouse and chief financial officer approves the transaction) After the victory Atlanta Spartan ends his silence and again posts his wwell thought out and insightfull comments which have been missed.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Conroy no edit capability.

    • avatar Breadtruck86 says:

      I am simply not that sinister or impactful, 81. I am also back off the ledge thanks to some wisdom from out west. Thanks for the good laugh, though, I appreciate it.

      And yes, I still write the check, rain or shine, 12-0 or 0-12 (my MSU contribution actually comes out of my paycheck every two weeks, and is matched by my employer).

  3. avatar AAsparty says:

    MSU 17, Wiscy 14, that’s all I got right now…

  4. avatar GreenGuy says:

    Well Graham, I was exactly “100%” wrong in my prediction – doubling the score for both teams. I did expect more points scored…but with MSU’s offense that isn’t likely to happen the rest of the season.

    The biggest concern for this program is the very real possibility that they will not qualify for a bowl game this season – any bowl game. This group of players and coaches desperately need the extra bowl practices to work on what could be a VERY good team in 2013…my early prediction is Bell and Sims stay at MSU (Bell may test the draft but will choose to stay), and I give Gholston a 50-50 shot of coming back (same scenario as Bell, the draft evaluators may put him in the 2nd round w/ a bunch of good DE’s entering this year).

    Player position changes I’d like to see: Caesar at 6-3, 210 from WR to SS (but I think he’ll transfer to somewhere like USF in his home state); Kerrick @ 6-3, 200 from WR to either SS or FS. Would like to see Hoover come back with a medical waiver. Fonoti to RG. I think MSU needs taller/bigger SS who can play the ball in the air and tackle in run support.

    Game prediction: maybe more (real) snaps for Sims this week, WISC secondary foot speed is suspect, but will MSU be up to challenging it? I see another very good effort by the defense, with yet another 4th Q brain fart in a 2nd or 3rd and long situation – some kind of “fluke” coverage breakdown for 20+ yards to set WISC up for a game winning FG. Yes, we’ve seen this script before.

    Make it: Big Nasty Farm Boys (WI) 19 Underpowered MSU 16

    Looks like a good day for yard work.

  5. avatar marky mark says:

    Inept coaching loses another closes one!

    Badgers , 24-17

  6. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    MSU 20-17

  7. avatar AGSpartyfan says:

    There is plenty of fight left in this dog. In essence, some of the premature pressures that were placed on this very young team are gone since the goals of a re-road trip to Indy are out the window. That should make it easier.

    Wisconsin is getting back its running game, but who have the Badgers faced the past three weeks? They certainly have not faced a D like this one.

    For the first time since IU, the Spartans put up 20+. I’ve maintained all year that IF we score 20, we will win.

    MSU 24 – Wisconsin 17.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      I agree just like there is plenty of fight left in Graham Couch now that our dreams of him replacing Joe Rexrode are out the window. Rexrode is Cousins playing at the next level. Couch is Maxwell he will never play on Sundays or go national as a sports journalist but he is what we have now. Hopefully Couch can be another Todd Schultz a serviceable journeyman. The MSU upset is coming this year, this defense is too good not to score points on its own. More likely next week at home but I think we win one of these next two games.

  8. avatar MSUAussie says:

    I have absolutely no idea what kind of points we may put up but it probably won’t be many… However, while I have been impressed with our defensive effort for the most part this season the offense needs to step up so that when the inevitable defensive screw-up occurs towards the end of the game (when the defense is understandably exhausted) it won’t kill the end result for the Spartans as it has done this season.

    MSU 13 – Wisc 17

  9. avatar SteveL says:

    Most likely another embarrassment losing at the end with a chip shot FG going wide. It’s that type of year.

  10. avatar DC Spartan says:

    Ugh. Is it basketball season yet?

    An elite defense that gives up ill-timed scoring drives and an offense so inept even Matt Millen wouldn’t draft them.

    Let’s call it Badgers 17 and MSU 10

  11. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    LSJ has really hired a bunch “journalists” or should I say fatalists and it’s rubbed off on all their readers…

    When was the last time anyone from LSJ posted a blog with insightful information? It appears theses hacks are shilling their employers on blogs and have successfully let past posters they don’t care what you think, just buy the paper to read more of the same.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      It is called 42,500 in compensation vs $80,000 -$120,000 in larger markets, it was a miracle we kept Joe as long as we did. Probably because he did not want to move from the Lansing area.

      • avatar jerseyjohn says:

        since joe is the MSU beat writer he probably still won’t have to move..mitch albom probably never even sees detroit unless he goes to a game.

        • avatar Spartan 81 says:

          Joe gets to stay in Okemos, I will be kind but lets just say Mitch is not always in the city he says he is in when he writes a piece.

  12. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Lets all just hope there is fight left in Graham Couchs expense account tonight in Madison.

  13. avatar MLM89 says:

    Wisconsin 24 MSU 10 (with 2 missed FG’s)

    I’d like to see a package put in with Lippett taking snaps at QB. On one trick play against U of Helmet he showed great escapability when the play broke down. Would be nice to have a change of pace from Bell for 3 yds on 1st down, Bell for 3 yds on 2nd down, incomplete pass on 3rd down. Of course this would require imagination on the part of Roushar so it won’t happen.

  14. avatar AtlSpartan says:

    I think the Spartans win and start a run that lands them in a decent Florida Bowl, which I will attend. This team is close. I haven’t been posting but I’ve read a few articles and the common theme is that we are a few plays from being a 7 – 1 team.

    I was stressed about getting out west for the Rose Bowl anyway, next year would be better timing for me. I, like Breadtruck, send the check every year regardless of record. Izzo has an off year occasionally, and I suppose this is Dantonio’s off year. If he pulls out a bowl game, it will be like Izzo’s off year which was still making the NCAAs.

  15. avatar CWebb says:

    You guys get hammered. 4-5 sure sounds like a good Little Brother record to me?

    Battling Beilimas 24 Sandandontonios 6

  16. avatar CWebb says:

    Dantonio isn’t having an “off year”. He’s a lifetime .500 coach! He was 3 games over at UC. Came here and went 7-6, and then discovered Kirk Cousins for 3 years. Now he is back to fighting for .500 again.

    • avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

      I guess you are as stupid as you played. Used to give you the benefit if the doubt, but now you’ve removed all doubt.

    • avatar MSU Own Denard says:

      yep cousins was overlooked by scum’s overrated coaching staff, instead they settle for a wuss who hurts himself falling down, good work there

  17. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    MSU 27 – 13.

    Wiscy ‘s FG, passing attack, and tunover margin stats are not good. FG kicking percentage is 50% from outside 30 yards, and has missed 3 XP attempts. The badger O-line is in rough shape, like MSU’s, but Joel Stave’s 92nd ranked passing offense fails to convert on 3rd downs and a few corner blitzs led to more bad decisions. Our Spartan offense clicks when the Spartan defense forces 3 turnovers and gives Maxwell good field position. Roushar doesn’t abandon the run in the 3rd or 4th quarter and Bell gains over 125 yds to secure the first victory in Mad-town since 2001.

    Time for another pint, GO GREEN!

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