Game day eve: Time for your analysis and prediction

Six weeks in, about the only thing certain about Michigan State’s football team — other than its tendency to make offense painful — is it won’t cover the Las Vegas spread.

Eventually our predictions will catch up with reality.

MSU is 1-5 against the odds this year, with last week’s 31-27 win at Indiana the latest “costly” win for true believers with an itch for a sportsbook.

I didn’t see it coming, either. The Hoosiers are a bad football team, with a five-week resume as proof.

The closest any of us came was LancelotSpartan, who picked 31-17 MSU.

Lancelot joins MD and GreenGuy as our winners so far.

Iowa doesn’t run an uptempo offense and won’t adopt it at any point, Kirk Ferentz said this week. If you thought MSU’s offense lacked creativity at times, the Hawkeyes are a real treat, which is why the program is back in a seemingly perpetual state of mediocrity.

I see this as a terrific matchup for MSU’s defense. Not sure what to expect from the offense. Minus two key offensive lineman, with another still on the mend, tight end Dion Sims down, as well, and a true freshman as the top receiving target, predicting Saturday’s offensive output isn’t easy.

How do you see it? Scores and analysis, please.

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21 Responses to Game day eve: Time for your analysis and prediction

  1. avatar AAsparty says:

    Spartans 21, Hawks 10, offense sputters early but Maxwell finds his rhythm again in the second half.

  2. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    MSU 17
    Iowa 13

    Bell gets 100 yards

    Iowa does not.

  3. avatar marky mark says:

    Iowa 28-spartoons 17. Yet another lackluster performance from the big ten bottom feeders!!! Let the excuses begin!!!!

  4. avatar GreenGuy says:

    In addition to the “style” of each offense (term used loosely), the weather could be a factor. Last I checked, rain is likely…making this prediction thing even trickier.

    Assuming they play in rain: Iowa is built for that with a converted FB playing TB. Iowa’s current FB is not very big, but is effective as lead blocker. Weisman will get his 100 yds., but not much more. No runs longer than 12 yds. Iowa OL has good size, but not like Wisconsin or OSU – White and Reynolds hold up. Vandenberg uses K. Davis (6-3) as a mismatch on J. Adams a couple times for 3rd down conversions – oh how I dread when MSU’s defense puts the opponent in 3rd and 7+…hope they don’t give up a conversion on 2nd and 25 again. Iowa TE (6-7, 265) hurts MSU a little as well for 3rd down conversions and one TD.

    MSU OL will continue to struggle opening holes between the tackles for Bell. I think they’ll rely heavily on Bell and Caper as outlet receivers (screens, swing passes to the flat, maybe even a shovel pass draw!). I’ve always felt Hyde was solid at CB for Iowa, MSU seemed to back away from recruiting him. However, Maxwell gets solid help from the WRs and a couple of catches from Lang…throws for 235 yds in the rain.

    Make it: MSU 23 Iowa 17

  5. avatar MAB says:

    I’m going to boxout AAsparty Price Is Right style and say MSU 20 Iowa 9. 2 TDs for Bell, 2 FGs for Conroy and the MSU D keeps Iowa out of the endzone. Another physical low scoring game without much offense. MSU scores on its first possession and never trails.

  6. avatar DC Spartan says:

    Let’s call it: 20-6 for MSU.

    Bonus Prediction:
    1.5 sacks for Gholston, 1 sack for Allen, and 2 INT’s from our secondary. Bell runs for 117 yards and 1 TD.

  7. avatar Richie says:

    I’m gonna go 13 to 9 MSU win.

    The rain is gonna be a nightmare and will slow down both already slow offenses. Both teams will not be able to throw the ball (think FAU game from a couple years back) so defenses will stack the box. I say the winner of the game is the team that can create one big play on offense and then grind out a few field goals in the pouring rain. Mike Sadler could be the MVP this game as I think it will come down, largely, to a game of field position.

    Go Green!!!

  8. avatar headeast says:

    Tigers in six…

  9. avatar ATLSpartan says:

    They should have taken Indiana apart. They take it out on Iowa. Narduzzi finally gets the defense to come out with passion and they force three turnovers, MSU 31-10.

    • avatar msu76 says:

      Good call, Atlanta. The folks too close to things are getting a bit too antsy, I think. My call : Spartans 35, Hawks 10.

  10. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    Weather, no worries. MSU 37 – 17.

    MSU scores on it’s first possession. Coach Roushar nearly calls as many running plays as passes. The crowd gets behind our team and Max Bullough inspires some hard hitting Spartan defense. The secondary communicate better, and Lewis, Drummond & Williamson provide the safety help to assist on a few pass break ups and an Adams INT.

    Despite the wet conditions, MSU’s receivers drop only one pass – a wheel route. We live in hope … in Ireland.

    GO GREEN!!!

  11. avatar marke75 says:

    Spartans have a big day on defense!

    1 pick 6 and two fumble recoveries. Offense sputters in 2nd and 3rd quarters but holds on to win 27-17

  12. avatar AGSpartanFan says:

    Vegas says MSU wins by 9.

    Forecast is rain.

    Bell goes Ringer a la the FAU game a few years back, the defense goes +3 in turnovers and pitches a TD shutout.

    MSU 20 – Iowa 6

  13. avatar Lancelot_Spartan says:

    MSU wins 24-13

  14. avatar Trophy says:

    MSU 31 – Iowa 20……Bet the over

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