Game day eve: Seeking your analysis and prediction

If only Ohio State QB Braxton Miller hadn’t found Devin Miller deep down the sidelines, ahead of MSU’s Johnny Adams, for the go-ahead and eventual game-winning score …

My 16-10 prediction in favor of the Spartans last week would have been exact. And, I’m guessing, a lot of MSU fans would be a heckuva lot more enthused about the season.

I didn’t realize just how improved Miller is from a year ago (and, to be fair to my shortsightedness, even earlier this season). You apparently didn’t, either, because only one reader picked the Buckeyes.

That would be MD, who had OSU winning 16-13. So far, MD and GreenGuy are our two winners and early front-runners to be featured here after the season. At least seven games are left pick.

This week’s game at Indiana seems like a physical mismatch, but it’s hard to trust MSU after what happened against Eastern Michigan. And, given the injuries along the offensive line, I’m not sure the Spartans have the advantage they once might have there.

Defensively, though, MSU really ought to be able to dominate up front Saturday, with the Hoosiers starting two freshmen on the O-line, which doesn’t aide an uncertain quarterback situation.

My prediction will be in Saturday’s paper, but I see this as about a three-touchdown game.

How do you see it? What’s your final score?


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17 Responses to Game day eve: Seeking your analysis and prediction

  1. avatar Bruce says:

    My analysis and the Spartans share one attribute; they both have plenty of room for improvement, so I’d rather talk about what I’d like to see.
    1. ) more experimentation – if the coaches are going to experiment with inexperienced WR, they ought to be willing to experiment with field goal kickers and defensive tackles.
    2.) a final score that brings to mind last year’s, say 41-10 MSU.

    • avatar MSUNursingGrad says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head Bruce. If some guys are not producing like they should be they need to be put on notice that they can be replaced. I know Dantonio has said that no one is guaranteed a starting spot and every spot is up for grabs, but I have never really see that in more than one or two positions. I would also like to see more experimentation with the play calling. Roushar needs to open that playbook a whole lot more otherwise we are going to be in for some serious problems. Look at what happened against Ohio State. The only TD we had last week was on a heck of a great call. Get the offense and defense flowing hard in one direction and then throw it back to a reversing Mumphrey who then took it 30 yards for a touchdown. It was a great call and something I hope we see more of. The more dynamic play calls we make the better chance we will have to win. We can run, but we need to show our opponents that loading the box is not going to be the only way to stop us.

  2. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Prediction: Michigan State 34, Indiana 7

    Michigan State’s defense will clamp down on Indiana’s offense as Le’Veon Bell has another big day.
    Roushar is vindicated, critics admit they were wrong about the 4-2 Spartans.

  3. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:


  4. avatar LancelotSpartan says:

    MSU wins 31-17

  5. avatar MSUAussie says:

    24-7. Not convinced with the offense yet and the injuries on our OL means that there may be issues there.

    Go Green!!

  6. avatar MSUDersh says:

    I see this as being 24-10 for MSU. I think the offense will work heavily on the passing game, and won’t just ride Bell (at least I hope). We know what he can do, let’s continue getting progress in the passing game.

  7. avatar SpartanDawg says:

    Michigan State 27 Indiana 13 Go Green!

  8. avatar headeast says:

    I had State scoring 24 last week, bad pick…going with 42 this week…State 42 Indiana 17…

  9. avatar Trophy says:

    Friday Prediction — Hoosiers have nothing for this Spartan defense, the guys are hungry and will eat well tomorrow. Offense?? your guess is as good as mine. My guess is AMax and Burbridge find a connection real quick, and the other receivers learn by example, 20 of 28 for 320. IU can’t stop LeVeon, 22 caries for 222. MSU 44 – IU 10.

  10. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    MSU wins 34-13.

    Hoosiers have some success in the air and MSU converts two IU turnovers in to 10 MSU points. Bell runs for average of 150 yards and 2 TDs if the run is not abandon in the second half. Conroy goes 2 for 3, missing on his 2nd attempt again. Maxwell throws two TD’s, gets one pic’d on a tipped ball (the numerous articles mentioning no INTs since the 1st half of the Boise game jinxed our QB).

    GO GREEN!!!

  11. avatar Trophy says:

    Welcome back Mayo.

  12. avatar AGSpartanFan says:

    MSU is a two TD favorite. IU is playing better so far this year but hasn’t played anyone with more than a C-minus level D – and that’s being generous.

    The Hoosiers will try to attack the MSU secondary with some success but more failure. IU throws three picks, one for 6, Bell goes for 150 and a score, Burbridge makes an impact, Maxwell keeps growing and State gets right.

    Spartans 31 – Hoosiers 13.

  13. avatar Trophy says:

    We are Insight Bowl material right now, need to step up the effort.

  14. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    I was only 3 points off if you forget the first quarter

  15. avatar GreenGuy says:

    Sorry I missed the “fun” this week – went to NMU to visit daughter and see awful football in the “Yooper Dome” and listen (barely) to the MSU debacle. I wouldn’t have come close on the score either.

    Just to comment on how close GC came to the OSU – MSU score…I called for MSU 19 OSU 17…sitting in the stadium I had a vision of a final drive late in the 4th that would result in MSU 20, OSU 17. Not to be.

    How unpredictable the entire B10 has become!

    • avatar GreenGuy says:

      Oops – my original prediction was MSU 19 – OSU 16. A late FG from MSU would have made the final MSU 19 – OSU 17.

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