First thoughts after Dantonio’s presser: Closing ranks and Johnny Adams at wideout?

Michigan State football coach Mark Dantonio was in a better mood as he met with the media today. As I mentioned in my previous post, he is the sole voice of the Spartans this week, having decided to close ranks and keep his players and assistants from the media.

I usually find this to a be a misguided approach. I will say, however, that when I asked Dantonio about the logic behind it, at least his reasoning was much more directed at his own team than the media or fans.

Here’s some of what he said:

“I felt like we needed to do that because we needed to come closer together as a football team. Has nothing to do with the press as much as it does with how we handle ourselves, our team, what we need to be dealing with and thinking about.

“I sometimes think that media talk and pressure sort of gets them thinking in different directions.  I wanted to close our group and concentrate on us, much like we did last year, concentrate on who we are, what we have to do to get done and close our ranks.”

I see the comments on the previous blog post about Dantonio not needed to answer to me or other reporters. But essentially, we’re the liaison between him and you. It actually makes our week easier in some ways. You simply get less.

The other interesting item out of today, I thought, was Dantonio’s response to my question about taking more chances down field offensively and the lack of deep passes, and whether cornerback Johnny Adams (who caught a deep ball in the spring game) could be used to open up the offense.

Here’s Dantonio:

“There’s been a little bit of thought to (using Adams). But we’ll see. The answer to that question is, yeah, we need to go deep some, do different things. We certainly have it in our game plan. But that’s a decision that has to be made by Coach (Dan) Roushar at that point in time. We have to have time to throw it.

“I think what we want to do is just get it going.  We want to get it going, get people in sync a little bit and then expand from there.

“But, yeah, I’m in agreement with you.”

More to come on both of these subjects in columns this week.


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17 Responses to First thoughts after Dantonio’s presser: Closing ranks and Johnny Adams at wideout?

  1. avatar Spartydoobydoo says:

    Sooooooo, you’re sticking with this title for your blog, eh?

    Guess this will be my only post………very disrespectful!! smh

  2. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Its his blog he can call it Pretzel Logic if he wants too,

    If Adams goes wide out are we deep enough in the secondary to replace him?

    Also there might be a chance of Capers out on the flank as slot back or Denzel Drone as a second blocking tight end?

    • avatar Graham Couch says:

      I think using Caper more in the passing game makes some sense. As for Adams, he wouldn’t be taken off the defense. He’d simply be used in certain situations on offense, as well. … Pretzel Logic — which I thought of that in Freeport.

      • avatar Spartan 81 says:

        Folks need to keep in mind this one thought, Mark Dantonio has one 9 games or more 3 of the last 4 years and no matter what happens this year I can bet you after 8 years it will be 6 0ut of 8 and if he stays four more than 9 out of 12, thats the kind of consistancy that matters, as for this year as long as we make some changes and go down swinging I wont complain. I know that adjustments will be made, be they Adams at WR , Drone at tight end, Capers as slot back or differant tweaks and slants on the O line to compensate for Funoti. And I look forward to a great season, dont write us off yet.

    • avatar Ghost ofBiggie says:

      Doubt Johnny would be on the field very often for that purpose. Mainly I expect it would be a surprise element. I could be wrong. He wouldn’t be the first guy to go both ways. Think Charles Woodson. Biggest concern is use of his time in practice.

  3. avatar Munnster says:

    Your continued contempt for MSU, both in your writing and in your blog title, is disrespectful. This will be my only post as well.

  4. avatar Westside Spartan says:

    Johnny Adams would do best to concentrate on playing corner as well as he’s been hyped to. If he wants to catch some passes, let them be interceptions.

  5. avatar MSUDersh says:

    Every time I see Arnett involved in a play, for a split second I think it’s Adams, damn those duplicate numbers!!

  6. avatar Bruce says:

    “Couch on fire” is a great title for a new column because, 1.) it names the author, and 2.) it attracts attention. Remember what Lincoln said, Graham, “you can’t please all the people all the time.” Besides, those attracted by the title ought to out number those put off by it.
    I haven’t seen any links in Green and White this morning that invite readers to submit questions early for your chat later, so I’m hoping you’ll address this – Have you seen anything in the first four games to suggest that Leveon Bell will have a good day Saturday?

  7. avatar GreenGuy says:

    Graham…try not to take Dantonio’s quirks personally. Check out Jim Comparoni’s take on the rant – essentially suggesting Dantonio was continuing his posture from the post-game comments to players in the locker room and (intentionally) carrying it over into the press conference. Let me be clear – I understand members of the press have a job to do (my profession is in media as well) and MD wasn’t as cooperative as you’d like. But…its time to get over it and move on.

    Back to more interesting things about MSU football: based on MD’s comments, I sense that the MSU staff will invest heavily in getting Fowler, Mumphrey, and Lippett sorted out and playing confident and consistent. AJ Sims, Arnett, and Burbridge getting some reps too, but the suggestion of Caper as a slot back REALLY intrigues me. I’ve been disappointed in the limited # of reps Caper is getting, wouldn’t mind seeing him carry the ball more often to keep Bell fresh into the 4th Q.

    Hoping GC can get some insight into what attention the OL is getting this week – OSU’s Simon and Hankins have the ability to shred MSU’s OL if they don’t bring the A-game.

    Defensively – I’d expect Narduzzi to scheme to keep Miller and the OSU TB’s squeezed between the OT’s, funneled to MSU’s DT’s and Bullough. Can they handle it against Hall, Brionte Dunn, Carlos Hyde and Rod Smith? OSU can roll quality backs at you all day long.

    GC – I know its not time for Friday predictions, but here goes: OSU is able to move the ball on offense consistently between the 20′s…MSU defense comes up with a couple of big plays in red zone to force FG attempts rather than TDs. MSU’s running game contained most of the game…Bell with less than 100 yds., but MSU passing game executes just enough to keep the game close. With the game tied 16 – 16 late in the 4th Q, Maxwell and WR’s-TE-RB’s execute at crunch time to give Conroy a game-winning FG attempt from 45 yds out…he squeezes it between the uprights for a 19 – 16 MSU win.

    Or OSU runs away with it 27 – 6…

  8. avatar GoSt8Go says:

    Graham, I don’t like the name of this Blog, it’s too derogatory toward a behavior that was once very public that we no longer need to keep in the mindset. Fans from other teams do come here. I feel strongly about it. So much so, that I won’t be back ’til it changes.

  9. avatar Richie says:

    I’m a fan of the name actually….I remember hearing about a walkon receiver from Kzoo college in the summer who was getting rave reviews. What happened to this guy? Or have I just not been paying attention and he’s out of the program or something? I think we’re getting to the point where we just need to throw every wide out into some playing time and see who ends up separating themselves. I guess I don’t know why any receiver, at this point at least, has earned consistent playing time (save dion sims).

    • avatar MSUDersh says:

      You’re thinking of John Jakubick (sp?). He and Matt Macksood are two walk-on WRs. They were getting a ton of press in the spring, and a lot of people were saying one if not both can be the next Blair White (undersized white guy walk on WR who makes it big).

      Personally, I think all that noise we heard in the spring was just coachspeak, the coaches talking up the walk-ons who were working hard, to keep their spirits up as well as light a fire under the scholarship WRs.

      • avatar GreenGuy says:

        Probably true, but I got to see Jakubic play a little bit here in Kalamazoo…not big but has great hands. Maybe a candidate for punt return if the top priority is ball security.

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