Everything MSU has been lately, it wasn’t against the Hoosiers

EAST LANSING — Michigan State rushed early, panicked unnecessarily and then, when they finally appeared to have control, never settled down.

It’ll probably cost the Spartans the Big Ten title. It led to a 72-68 home loss to Indiana Tuesday night.

Keith Appling had a dreadful game and both he and Harris missed critical free throws, free throws they’ve made all season.

It was as if, somehow, this moment was too much for MSU and its crowd, which seemed surly and panicked from the get-go.

Branden Dawson struggled to the point that he spent the end of the game on the bench, in favor of freshman Denzel Valentine.

MSU almost won this. It would have been a flawed and strange performance either way.

More here later. Interviews and deadline calls.

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7 Responses to Everything MSU has been lately, it wasn’t against the Hoosiers

  1. avatar Bob Brown says:

    I think we did pretty good against No. 1 in the country. If Appling had played a little better with a few outside shots going and cutting to the basket, it would have opened the game up a lot and I think MSU would have posted the big upset. Give it to Indiana, and coach Crean, though they did what they needed to do to win. Even as an alum twice over, I don’t feel too bad about this loss. Only thing better would have been a win.

  2. avatar Chris says:

    Choked away the game and most likely the title. Chances of winning at OSU and Michigan?

  3. avatar SteveL says:

    Hate to let this one get away from us at our place. I think IU just took the regular season crown. What will be interesting is if they(MSU) can regroup and put a winning effort against the next two opponents. The cream is starting to rise to the top and I’m afraid MSU may have too much fat it’s formula to be able to skim off a part of the championship. Probably will end up tied for third place at 13-5. It was fun while it lasted.

  4. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    The season is still in front of us we are an elite team, We just need to go out and win a couple on the road now ,Ohio State looks very beatable and than we have six days rest at Breslin. No reason we cant run the table and get a piece of the title and regardless we can do what we did last year , win the BTT in Indy, beat IU in front of their home crowd and we grab the # one seed

    • avatar Tanner says:

      The Big Ten tournament isn’t in Indy, and how do you just expect to beat Indiana when they just beat us twice, and we have no guarantee of even playing them in the tournament.

  5. avatar dvorahz says:

    I don’t understand the comment about the crowd being panicked and surly.

  6. avatar Tom says:

    MSU is a great ball club and I say that as an IU fan. But with two losses to the Hoosiers this season I just don’t see anyway anyone can say they are better than the Hoosiers. However, I would love it if our next matchup was in the NCAA championship game. Good luck the rest of the way Sparty.

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