Derrick Nix explains why he retweets his Twitter critics, but agrees with my tweet

At the end of most games, Michigan State center Derrick Nix retweets negative comments made about him on Twitter throughout the game.

Nix, if you didn’t know, is a terrific personality, a gold mine of quotes, often with subtle one-liners when least expected.

And, except for when he’s deleted his Twitter account, he’s an entertaining follow on Twitter at @DerrickNix25, usually tweeting after victories, “RIP ta da competition.”

During the first half of MSU’s win at Wisconsin Tuesday night, among my many tweets, I pointed out Nix’s struggles and, after his second foul, tweeted, “Derrick Nix struggling today. Second foul. Might help MSU that he sits for a bit.”

After the game, I noticed Nix had retweeted me, something usually reserved for crass criticism or personal attacks.

So, Thursday, I asked him about it.

“I was struggling,’ Nix said. “You didn’t say ‘Derrick Nix sucks.’

“I agreed with you, because I wasn’t playing well and Payne and Keith were playing their butts off.”

Colleague Joe Rexrode then suggested that, from now on, we try to catch Nix’s attention with our tweets (look for some strange stuff from Joe during Sunday’s Indiana game).

As for why Nix takes to retweeting his detractors …

“I do that just to show how ignorant people are,” Nix said. ” … I feel like there are a lot of people out here who’ve never played sports, who’ve never sacrificed their (personal) life to do anything, but make comments on players and athletes, maybe because they have a bad game or they’re not a fan of theirs. I just think that’s stupid. I think I might delete my Twitter again.”

On behalf of the media, don’t do that, Derrick.

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22 Responses to Derrick Nix explains why he retweets his Twitter critics, but agrees with my tweet

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Graham, Joe once told me that MSU frowned on him initiating contact with athletes. He could not pick up the phone and call Lucious for example. Has coach Izzo and John Lewandowski relaxed their policy to give you greater access?

    • avatar Graham Couch says:

      No, this was after Thursday practice, which was open to the media and followed by player availability.

      • avatar Spartan 81 says:


        I went to Apple Valley last night and saw Tyus Jones team win handily 81-67. The things that impressed me most about watching him he is a poised point guard for 6ft one very mature , reminds me of Drew Nietzel in his maturity at this age . You have to watch the whole game he is not going to knock you off your feet with 40 point games or individual stats. Although he finished with 35 points and 19 at the half it’s a quiet 35. He has the ability to make those around him better. His dribbling and passing skills are outstanding and has a nice shooting touch. His rebounding needs some work but the intangibles of helping those around are good. I think he would be a stand out point guard on the level of Sam Vincent. What I come away with is a point guard with very little wasted motion a smooth point guard. I also came away with the knowledge Tom Izzo has a friend in this area in Shawn Respert .

        (Grading of Tyus Jones) by a fat white man who can’t do sh.. for Coach Izzo.

        Shooting B+

        Passing A

        Dribbling A

        Rebounding B-

        Intangibles A+

  2. avatar Westside Spartan says:

    Personally, I wish Derrick and everyone else would delete their twitter accounts. Then we would have no more inane tweets and the twits they create.

  3. avatar MSUDersh says:

    Interesting, but I’m not sure if it’s wise for journalists to deliberately engage college athletes in a provocative manner, in order to provide fodder for columns (or really any reason). Just my two cents.

    • avatar Graham Couch says:

      I respect your take on this, but disagree. Nix is an engaging personality and team captain, and I had a number of emails from folks who saw his retweet. He seemed more than happy to chat about it.

      • avatar Spartan 81 says:

        I am waiting for Nix to tweet Steph requesting Gannett to double your salary

      • avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

        Ah, censorship of those who disagree with your narrow point of view, were you wearing a Brown Shirt or a Black one when you hit delete? Not too far behind will come the rest of your brethren, the Schutzstaffel Geheime Staatspolizei.

        • avatar Graham Couch says:

          No censorship here. But this isn’t your place to spout over-the-top personal attacks. You’re welcome to criticize me (I’ve got thick skin and really don’t mind) or members of the MSU basketball program, if it’s part of the discussion. Note that MSUDersh did on this blog post and it was on-topic. But this isn’t a forum for you to spew hate and anger. It takes away from any conversation here and, from responses I’ve received, bothers and turns off other readers. Got an issue with me personally, call me or email me. Use a real name, chief. I’m not hard to reach.

          • avatar Ryan says:

            That’s called getting owned right there. Probably just another cowardly tRCMB troll that has nothing better to do than trash others for working their butts off.

      • avatar MSUDersh says:

        Thanks, and my comment was directed just at you, but also Joe.

        To me, it goes back to, a journalist inserting himself into a story, and becoming part of it instead of covering it. But also, you do personally know these players so you know their personalities.

        • avatar MSUDersh says:

          *comment directed NOT just at you, but also Joe.

        • avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

          He can’t be a celeb like KK if he doesn’t try to make us think he knows these guys. Joe, tells us he is only on speaking terms with them, Cracker tries to imply he’s one of the boys, when he’s, in fact, not granted any more access than the reporter from the Manistique Pioneer-Tribune. It’s why he got so gaga when Nix retweeted his tweet, “OMG, it’s so exciting, Ethel, Derrik (I call him that now) retweeted my tweet.” As I’ve said before, for those of us who have been in the arena, this hero worship and constant pawing gets old very fast.

          • avatar Graham Couch says:

            Seriously, what’s your issue, anti-couch? It’s Friday, go do something.

          • avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

            You silly little talent is my issue. LSJ made a huge mistake hiring you and I want to make sure they understand that fax paux.

            Don’t give me give me Ryan, DHSFB. That lie has been tried in Manisteque with not success.

          • avatar A very pro Couch poster says:

            Keep up the good work Graham…

          • avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

            Changing your sign in protocol is so childish, Cheese-it, it really is.

  4. avatar 79 Spartan says:

    Graham, I’m sure it started before the last few BLOGs, but “anti coach” seems to really have gone off since that headline you wrote about Byrd.

    So serious question: I listened to the post Wiscy game interview and heard the question about Russ – but did not recognize the voice of the questioner who was off camera. I usually recognize Joe, Hondo and Diamond, but not the male questioner. Can you tell me, Graham, who asked that question of Coach Izzo?

    • avatar 79 Spartan says:

      Uh, that should read “anti couch”…

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Greg,the voice was Ronaiah Tuiasosopo he was so convincing that Stephanie Angel validated his parking and gave him an LSJ press pass. Stephanie is very embarrassed but will explain her side of the story on Grahams next live chat.

  5. avatar NJ Rob says:

    Sunday will be tough for Spartans, very tough. WheneverI see a picture of players hugging, and Izzo smiling, which happened after the very nice Wisconsin win, I get nervous and expect a letdown. Hope I’m wrong!

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