Decision Day for MSU football: Depth chart at QB, RB, WR should become more clear

Through a month of spring practice, a summer of speculation and then another four weeks of fall camp, Michigan State’s quarterback situation has been THE story line of its football program. And, for the most part, it was all guesswork, reading scrimmage stats, gauging the tone of Mark Dantonio, over-blowing opinions of folks sort of in the know.

Hundreds of stories written, nothing but conjecture.

Today, thankfully (and mercifully), the story progresses tangibly. I hope.

MSU’s depth chart for Friday’s opener against Western Michigan is slated to be released later this morning, followed by Mark Dantonio’s 11:30 a.m. press conference.

We should know the starter at QB and who else Dantonio plans on playing at the position.

I’ll be surprised if Andrew Maxwell isn’t the starter. Beyond that, I have no idea what’s coming. My thought is still that Damion Terry will redshirt. But will MSU use both Connor Cook and Tyler O’Connor behind Maxwell? I don’t know.

If Terry is in the equation, as I wrote in a recent column, it’s better for Maxwell in some ways. He’d likely start all season and be the guy anytime MSU had a lead in the fourth quarter, while Terry took several series each game. It would more likely be a true two-man operation.

If it’s Cook or O’Connor, this is much more an in-plain-sight competition, to be played out over the next few weeks.

We should also find out about the plan at running back and wideout, the possibilities just as many, but not limited to one at a time.

We’ll have an update at LSJ.com and Greenandwhite.com shortly after any news breaks, with analysis later in the day and beyond.

For instantaneous coverage, you can follow our Gannett Michigan team on Twitter — @joerexrode, @graham_couch, @chrissolari and @brian_calloway.

And later, Jack Ebling and I will be talking a ton about today’s happenings at MSU this afternoon on The Drive with Jack (3-6 p.m. on 730-AM in Lansing).

Actual news. And, three days later, a game. About time.

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7 Responses to Decision Day for MSU football: Depth chart at QB, RB, WR should become more clear

  1. avatar Lancelot_Spartan says:

    Will it be any more clear when the depth chart has 4 QB’s listed as co-starters?

  2. avatar Hockeykriss says:

    Maxwell had more than his share of oppurtunity. It is someone else’s turn!

  3. avatar GreenGuy says:

    The decisions at QB and RB will NOT determine the level of success for MSU football this season. Maxwell was/is better than many fans and media hacks give him credit for – both the Ohio State and Nebraska games in 2012 should have been in the win column if not for inept/biased officiating. Maxwell was good to very good in both of those games.

    What IS the MAJOR factor for MSU football is the health (or lack thereof) of the offensive line 2-deep. MSU can survive the first 3 gmes with the patchwork OL we see on the depth chart. Starting with ND and into the B10 season? No way. Fonoti is critical as a starting RT. No Allen leads to inexperienced backups at C and both OG spots. Where’s Conway after his “great” summer? Dennis at TE might need to move LT to back up Clark (a natural OG) at LT. In short – this OL is a couple of “nicks” away from being a total mess. Now – can the injured upper classmen heal and be available and operable by ND? Yes. MSU fans better hope this is what happens. Could true Freshman Finley appear in the 2-deep before the end of the season? That would be a yikes!

    At this point the OL issues are more than just “bad luck”. Conklin was a walk on (albeit a nice find)…Kruse a walk on from Lowell. Recruiting, conditioning, practice planning…something has to change quickly to turn this pattern around.

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