Dan Roushar’s departure puts eyes on Mark Dantonio

Mark Dantonio spent most of last season insisting he was at fault for any offensive struggles.

It was the right sentiment. What any good head coach should do. To what extent it was true, only he and the rest of Michigan State’s coaching staff know.

Offensive coordinator Dan Roushar, fair or not, was the punching bag for fans frustrated with anemic Spartan offense.

Now he’s gone, having taken a job as running backs coach with New Orleans Saints.

What’s left is Dantonio and, as I wrote in today’s column, Dantonio’s offense.

Last season, no matter how hard Dantonio tried to take the fall, as many viewed it, Roushar was the problem.

That won’t be the case any longer. The next coordinator, like the last, is Dantonio’s choice. The offensive ideology his, as well.

And, if his program again struggles to support the nation’s No. 4 defense, the frustration will be with Dantonio.

The only layer between him and fault has been removed.

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17 Responses to Dan Roushar’s departure puts eyes on Mark Dantonio

  1. avatar Sparty757 says:

    Disagree. The O.C. will always take the heat for an ineffective/underachieving offense. Dantonio gets blamed if the team loses too many games or he does not replace an ineffective/underachieving coordinator.

  2. avatar JMac says:

    The one personnel issue that at times was overlooked in both 2011 and 2012 is the offensive line attrition. Cousins and the skill players helped overcome the issue in 2011 as the line came together.

    What would 2012 have looked like with both Jackson and Fonoti playing the entire season? Injuries are part of the deal, but State has dealt with more than their fair share the past 2 years. The next OC could really benefit from some luck in this regard.

    • avatar M Daly says:

      When you run hey diddle up the middle like the spartans did against ND 23 times for 27 yards it is the fault of the person calling the plays. No imagination at all. No game preparations. It happened in several other games this year and especially against good teams.

      • avatar SureAsHeckFire says:

        That is great news. If there was no preparation and zero imagination, then Hollis can save a bundle hiring a new OC. He just needs to pull someone off the street with a little imagination and preparation. Dantonio will be soooooooo relieved.

  3. avatar A very ProCouch poster says:

    Very good work by Graham Couch, also excellent work by Tim Doyle on the ball game last night, Doyle tells truth to power.

  4. avatar GoSt8Go says:

    It’s clear who you are. Stop Now!

  5. avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

    Again Cheese-it shows his total lack of understanding of DI football. Guy really needs to go back to the MAC or cover high school or better middle school. A non college grad tell us what to think? come on folks, really?

  6. avatar AtlSpartan says:

    I for one am really curious who the next OC will be? It would be expected by all of us for Dantonio to promote from within, but I get the feeling he may be considering other options.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      It is probably bifurcated Atlanta, In that he may go with Dave Warner or if something external just impresses him to the point that he can not pass it up , somebody like the OC at Kent State for example. As tight to the vest as he is probably no one outside the staff will know ahead of the release.

  7. avatar adam mandel says:

    In the search for a new Offensive Coordinator, I’m wondering if Dantonio takes a look at snagging back Jim Bollman (who’s now on Purdue’s staff) at least for the O – Line, Having Salem become OC while handling the backs, and moving Staten back to TE’s and recruiting coordinator. Thoughts?

  8. avatar Tanfan says:

    Timmy Drool Giving his BTN boss what he wants baby.

    Rosecar go to NFL, baby.

    Where have U gone, Hey Joe Dimagio baby.

    Crotch on fire baby.

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