Big sports weekend on MSU’s campus

The centerpiece of this sports weekend at Michigan State is obviously Saturday’s home football game against Nebraska.

But there may not be a better weekend this year in terms of quality of events across this many sports, from men’s basketball and hockey, to soccer and a visit from the No. 4-ranked Nebraska women’s volleyball team, which is flying in with its football team.

Here are the highlights of the weekend lineup:

Football: MSU hosts 21st-ranked Nebraska at 3:30 on Saturday at Spartan Stadium. The game is being televised on ABC. The Spartans (5-4, 2-3 Big Ten) have never beaten the Cornhuskers (6-2, 3-1) and haven’t played them in East Lansing since 1995.

Men’s basketball: MSU hosts St. Cloud State (yes, basketball; not hockey) at 8:30 Friday night in its second exhibition game. Tom Izzo’s nephew plays for this Division II program out of Minnesota.

Hockey: The Spartans begin their home-and-home weekend series with Bowling Green at Munn Ice Arena with a rare 5 p.m. Friday face-off, allowing fans to catch both the hockey game and the men’s basketball game.

Volleyball: MSU plays Iowa at 6:30 Friday night, but the showcase game of the weekend is Saturday’s 8 o’clock match against perennial power Nebraska at Jenison Field House. The Spartans lost at Nebraska, 3-0, in late September. Coach Cathy George expects a sea of red at Jenison coming over from the visiting crowd at the football game.

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3 Responses to Big sports weekend on MSU’s campus

  1. avatar Bingo says:

    We might have a chance of beating the corndogs if our offensive line could run-block but whomever is in charge of that department does not have the first clue of how to teach that technique to the offensive offensive line dancers. Go State any way. Oh and the rally cry of “pound green pound” is really a joke right? What? Look at the film and how many times our runs get stuffed at the line of scrimmage or behind it. It’s not a good ratio as we all know. I’d say up but that is asking too much. You can put yards up against Eastern and CMU but when a name brand team is on the field your knees get weak and your dancing shoes come on. Nebraska will be no different. Chances of me being proved wrong? None.

    • avatar AAsparty says:

      they seemed to hold together long enough to beat the Badgers

      • avatar Bingo says:

        And how many yards rushing was it? With a great running back like we have it’s a shame they block like girl scouts. You see it just like I do. Sure not every run can net positive yards but we sure do get stuffed at or behind numerous times. I don’t really count them but if I did I would be ashamed.

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