MSU turns it up in second half, using its strengths, to blow past Purdue

EAST LANSING — For all of Michigan State’s remaining flaws, it has several strengths really working for it.

- Unselfishness

- Athletes

- The ability to turn it up on defense to create a run

The Spartans turned a game in which they trailed 39-38 early in the second half into a 84-61 blowout because of these three  elements.

This team is far from consistent, can become sloppy and is capable of a few dry spells offensively. But as long as it keeps playing unselfishly, uses its athletic advantages and plays as aggressively as it did in the second half Saturday, it should  have a chance in every Big Ten game it plays.

Good tone setting Big Ten win at home for MSU today.

More here later.

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3 Responses to MSU turns it up in second half, using its strengths, to blow past Purdue

  1. avatar SteveL says:

    A better second half, but I agree with the inconsistency and sloppiness observation. These will be their achiles heal on the road. I just don’t see this team winning many on the road in the Big Ten race. It will be tough for anyone but I see more road negatives for this team to feel comfortable. Is it me or has Nix packed on some pounds again? Someone has to point out to him that there are no handles on the ball. This is a big part of the sloppiness.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Izzo tells him “not to eat an elephant” direct quote heard it with my own two ears from thirty feet away last week.

  2. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Graham, I noticed that it was 43-41 when Hammonds picked up his fourth foul than we went on a 25-3 run when Harris stole the ball and put that last dagger in. Payne needs to stop finesse it around the hoop and power it down because the ranked teams will have big bodies # 2 and 3 to throw at us. What are your thoughts ?

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